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Subject: GROWING UP IN THE VALLEY - 7When russian gay men I returned to the valley the following Tuesday it wasn't to catch a
turtle. I strode right to the washroom hoping my mystery partner was in
attendance.I was surprised to find both cubicles occupied. Always curious I guessed
as to the identity of one occupant but who was in the other cubicle?. I
pretended to pee while I considered my options. As I pondered I heard a
distinct moan of pleasure behind me. I decided to wait outside to see who
emerged.Imagine my surprise when ten minutes later Arnie stepped out into the
sunshine. He was still pulling up his zipper. He was a good six inches
taller and forty pounds heavier but there was no mistaking him. It was
Arnie!I looked him straight in the eye and commented, "What a surprise to see you
again Arnie. Its been a long time."Arnie looked at me quizzically, "Er....Do I know you kid?""Sure you do," russian lesbi I replied, "It's me Kevin. You know. I was the little kid
you let into your secret club. Remember?""Kevin! Sure now I remember. You were the little kid with the russian porn tit
big dick
right?""You got him! But now my dick is even bigger!," I smiled."Jesus, no kidding? I'd like to see it again free russian sex but right now I don't feel
like sex."I laughed out loud on hearing his reply. "Let me guess. russian girl illegal I figure you just
got a good blow job right?"Arnie turned serious and his face became flushed. He knew he had been
caught. "How did you know?""I know because I came down to get one too only you beat me to him.""No kidding?" Arnie replied. "Father Brown really gets around."I did a double take and my eyes opened wide. "Father Brown?""Sure, don't you know who's sucking you off? Father Brown is the local
parish priest. Of course he tries to keep this a secret. He gives good
head doesn't he?"I couldn't help but think back to my old school chum Jerry. I wondered if
he had enjoyed the 'counselling' he had received from Father Brown. Arnie
spoke up again and broke my train of thought."You must be what now, eleven? I don't usually fool around with eleven
year olds but you are different."He reached out and groped me without asking. It was if the old rules of
the club were still in force. I was still Arnie's toy. I found I still
felt the same way about the rules. I could have easily pulled back.
Instead I let him grope me."God damn!" he exclaimed, advert russian gymnastics topless "You are still as big as me. Do you still give
blow jobs?""Sure," I responded, "In fact if my memory is correct I promised you one
that you never got."Arnie reached for an old bike leaning against the outhouse wall. "Look I
gotta go now but I sure would like to get together with you again. Do you
remember russian grls where the old fort is?""Of course," I responded."Hows about I see you this Thursday after school about four o'clock?" he
suggested."It's a deal," I agreed.Arnie pushed a pedal leaving me alone with a very patient Father Brown. I
massaged the front of my jeans and realized my meeting with Arnie had made
me pretty damn hot to get some action. I boldly strode into the facility
pulling down my zipper as I walked. I locked the cubicle door and
immediately extracted my organ. I felt as horny as an eleven year old
could get. nude russian naturalist pictures I faced the hole and pushed it through in one motion."Look it's late and I gotta get home," I told him. "No fooling around
tonight. Just suck me off like you done last time.""As you wish my son," came the immediate response.I felt his lips enclose my most precious possession. He used strong long
deliberate strokes that stretched from the tip of my helmet down to the
root. I figured the longer strokes would draw it out some but russian nude kiddy xxx I was so
excited I knew it wouldn't take long anyway. I closed my eyes and revelled
in the feeling. As I began to feel my juice rising I moaned loudly and at
the same time I partially extracted my cock. Then I slammed it back in as
hard as I could. I fucked his mouth three or four times screaming out my
passion with each push. As I erupted I collapsed against the wall. Father
Brown continued to gently massage my organ. Again he was letting me know he
was prepared to go on receiving if I would let him. I finally regained
possession of my member and fell back onto the seat.I could see his mouth at the hole as he said, "Same time next week. I'll be
here."By the time I stepped out he was gone again.At the appointed time on Thursday I retraced an old path back to the fort.
Arnie was already there and was dragging on a cigarette. Beside him was
another old club member. It was Matt!"I guessed that you wouldn't mind if I brought an old friend along Kevin.
You remember Matt don't you?"Matt walked towards me with his arms outstretched and grabbed me in a bear
hug. "Kevin, its been so long. You don't know how much I've missed you."He proceeded to show me the part he missed the most. While still in a bear
hug he reached down with tiny russian whores
one hand and grabbed a huge chunk of my crotch.
Not satisfied he pulled down my fly and reached inside."Holy shit Arnie, you weren't kidding. He's bigger than ever. He's still
bigger than me. You got russians nudist
the cock of an eighteen year old Kevin. It's like
I told you. topsite russian
Who knows how big you're going to get by the time you are our
age?"I russian porn tit stepped back and smiled.Arnie took another drag on his cigarette and added, "Yup, I told you.""Jesus Kevin, you gave me my first blow job. I remember it like it just
happened. Do you know how many times I jerked off just thinking about that
day? I'm getting a fucking buzz right now!""Not so fast!" I said emphatically. In the three years I had gained a lot
of confidence and I was determined to take a role in what would happen to
whom and when. "Before I do anything I want a few answers. What the hell
happened three years ago? I came down on Monday like I promised and the
fort was history. You guys just disappeared.""Ah, Jimmy ratted on us," Arnie explained. "He went crying to his mommy and
told her we were forcing him to do sex things that he didn't want to do.
It was pure bullshit. His father came down the same day and destroyed the
fort.""Yeah," Matt went on, "Next thing you know the fucking cops are at our
doors asking us and our parents questions. We didn't get arrested or
nothin on account of our ages. Arnie had to go to private
counselling. Meanwhile Steve and me, being Catholics and all, we had to go
see Father Brown twice a week."I smiled and interjected, "How did it go with Father Brown?""It was a joke," Matt laughed, "Father Brown gave me my second blow job in
the very first session and another one every session after that.""Gee," I commented, "I wish I had been a catholic."We all laughed. We soon settled down and Arnie turned to the subject that
was in the back of all our minds. "Are you going to suck me greek russian french sex
off now? After
all I've been waiting russian cheerleaders naked
three years"I looked down and stared. Arnie had dropped his cigarette and was leaning
his back on a tree. He had unzipped and was already nude russian naturalist pictures slowly pumping his
manhood. It was big all right. It looked about the russian nude boy photos same size as mine
except his helmet was completely exposed. Thankfully my mouth had grown
some too and I was hopeful that I could handle him.It really was a magnificent specimen and I complimented him on it. I
lowered my lips and remarkably was able to accommodate him with little
trouble. The visual inspection over I did a second inspection with my lips
and my tongue. He moaned his appreciation. I then lowered my lips until I
found his now ample bush. I drew back again tightening as I passed over
the glans."Shit I don't believe you are only eleven. You are as good as Father
Brown," he praised.I russian boy sex always loved compliments and continued in an energetic fashion. A few
minutes later I needed to come up for air. I drew off and returned his
compliment. "Your cock is perfect Arnie. I love sucking it."Even as I returned to envelope him I felt Matt drop my pants. I twisted
slightly to give him better access. I guessed he still liked to play with
me and I expected him to jerk me off. I was surprised when russian gimnastics bosy photos I felt the
wetness of his mouth. I was getting a blow job!Moments later Arnie began moaning in earnest. free russian gay pics
I felt his cock head swell
followed immediately by burst after burst of hot cum. It was thick and a
little on the sour side but I swallowed it all. He gave a huge sigh and
rested his entire weight on the tree. I polished the head a little more
and then let him go.I immediately turned my attention to my own pleasure. Matt too had learned
a lot in the three years. I soon grabbed his head and pumped out my seed.
The feeling was indescribable."You can cum now!" Matt announced.Still panting I responded, "Yeah.....I just started a while back."I expected Matt to insist that I blow him too. Instead he declined. "I
had my fun watching you suck Arnie and then getting to suck you. You know
I jerked off four times today Kevin just thinking about seeing you russian girl naked again.
I guess I did it once too often and now I don't feel like it. Just wait
though. russian lesbi
I'm going to save it for you next time."We departed the valley the russian highschool porn best of friends. At last we had each other's
telephone numbers. I knew I would see them dirty russian porn gallery regularly from then on. I
learned that Steve had moved away but as advertised the liaisons with Arnie
and Matt continued each of us giving as much as we were taking. The
relationship only ended when Matt and Arnie joined the army together three
years later.I still often turned free russian angels underground
to the 'services' of Father Brown. Unfortunately that
arrangement ended abruptly six months later when Father Brown was russian nudist nature
without warning to a far off parish. The rumours started immediately that
Father Brown had been caught 'performing acts that were a disservice to the
Catholic church'.No matter I concluded, I knew my childhood sex education all russian amateurs
was complete.
Postscript: Thanks once again to all those who contacted me to express
their enjoyment of the story. Additional comments both positive and
negative are always welcome. I will russian head dress
respond. If you haven't done so you
might enjoy my other story, 'David's Northern Adventures' in the
Adult/Youth section. My next story will be 'I'm Available' in that same

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